Monday, March 28, 2011

Along hop the Easter Bunny…..

Ok, ok so I know I promised to blog about cooking from my many, unused recipe books this week but cooking just didn’t happen in this household today. Instead my little girl & I mostly lounged around in some warmer clothes which was such a pleasant experience given the horrible, humid days of late. I really crave cooler days by around the end of February so for it to be at the end of March & still have melting sticky heat it almost too much for me to bare.

Anywho getting back to today’s post, as it’s only a few weeks out from Easter (unseasonably late this year which is another thing I am not thrilled about) I thought I would link to some fantastic & simply Easter crafts for all my crafty followers.

Easter really is a very understated holiday which I believe deserves a lot more attention & celebration. Christmas has become such a huge fan fare & I don’t see why Easter shouldn't as well. Now that I have a child & another on the way I plan to build Easter up in our home, to be celebrated with as much anticipation as Christmas.

So to kick start the Easter month which is only a few days away let’s start with some adorable handmade gifts:

Fabric Easter Basket

Blog: Sew Mad
(this post is in German however there is a link at the bottom of the post for us English speaking followers)

Secret Pocket Fabric Eggs

Now let’s move on to some lovely, simple home decorations you can do yourself;
Bunny Bunting

Decorative Fabric Eggs
(also great to give as gifts to adults)

Easter Egg Tree

Well I hope you enjoyed this tribute to Easter crafts & that you will joy me this month in celebrating all the brilliance Easter has to offer.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Madeit Monday Roundup

Well with my daughter's 2nd birthday in little more than a month I've decided to do my first ever MADEIT MONDAY ROUNDUP on handmade gifts for her!!!

This decorative cushion by Tiges and Weince would be the perfect addition to her "big girl" bed.

I am just loving this felt food sushi pack by Life's a Stitch.

All though summer will be gone soon I still have of show off this Sunshine Frill Shorts & Bikini set by one of my all time favourite designers, Tea Pony.

As she'll soon be into pretend role playing I think this Super Hero Mask Set from My Little Hero Designs would be perfect!

For a long time now I've wanted to make a fairy garden for her, don't you think this fairy door, by The Fey Folk, is just devine.

And lastly the perfect playsuit for playing with fairies, by Butterfly Bettsy

To find even more beautiful handmade gift ideas pop over to Madeit right now!!!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Exciting News!!!!!

That's right baby no. 2 is on it's way!!!!

For those who aren't aware I had insulin dependant Gestational Diabetes (GD) during my first pregnancy. No matter what I did one of my readings was always too high which resulted in my having to take insulin once a day. This time around I'm determined to make sure I'm able to either beat the whole GD thing or at least escape having to use insulin again. Thankfully though the GD had no affected on my first child & she was born a healthy normal weight of 8 LBs with perfect blood sugar levels after birth. On a plus side though I did lose weight during the last trimester of the pregnancy & was 10 kgs lighter a week after the birth then I was when I fell pregnant. Don't worry I had the weight to lose in the first place!

Today I did my first Low GI shopping for this next chapter in our lives & I must admit I'm really looking forward to this new healthier lifestyle (notice I didn't use the word diet?). I look forward to bringing you all along for the journey. Weekly I will post on my ups & downs, recipes & milestones of the pregnancy.

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