Monday, March 28, 2011

Along hop the Easter Bunny…..

Ok, ok so I know I promised to blog about cooking from my many, unused recipe books this week but cooking just didn’t happen in this household today. Instead my little girl & I mostly lounged around in some warmer clothes which was such a pleasant experience given the horrible, humid days of late. I really crave cooler days by around the end of February so for it to be at the end of March & still have melting sticky heat it almost too much for me to bare.

Anywho getting back to today’s post, as it’s only a few weeks out from Easter (unseasonably late this year which is another thing I am not thrilled about) I thought I would link to some fantastic & simply Easter crafts for all my crafty followers.

Easter really is a very understated holiday which I believe deserves a lot more attention & celebration. Christmas has become such a huge fan fare & I don’t see why Easter shouldn't as well. Now that I have a child & another on the way I plan to build Easter up in our home, to be celebrated with as much anticipation as Christmas.

So to kick start the Easter month which is only a few days away let’s start with some adorable handmade gifts:

Fabric Easter Basket

Blog: Sew Mad
(this post is in German however there is a link at the bottom of the post for us English speaking followers)

Secret Pocket Fabric Eggs

Now let’s move on to some lovely, simple home decorations you can do yourself;
Bunny Bunting

Decorative Fabric Eggs
(also great to give as gifts to adults)

Easter Egg Tree

Well I hope you enjoyed this tribute to Easter crafts & that you will joy me this month in celebrating all the brilliance Easter has to offer.


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