Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Latest Creation

Good morning (just). So 3 months ago a friend of mine asked if I could make personalised bunting for her son's bedroom. Now I have only been sewing for about 4 or so months so I felt quite excited that she would ask me to try this knowing I had little experience. After a little fabric searching we came to pick the Riley Blake All Stars set (1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th in pic below). Isn't it just fantastic!!!!

After I received the fabric this little project stalled due to moving house, my daughter having various infections & also really just a very big lack of creative motivation which has been affecting all areas of my creative self. But slowly but surely I'm gaining my motivation back so soon there will be no stopping me & I'll be sewing like a pro lol.

Alright so my next step was to decided on which plain colour I would use for the personalised lettering on the bunting, for this I went with Fire Engine RED! I also decided to use red for the ribbon (well actually it's Hem Binding).

I have never before attempted appliqueing anything so I found it extremely fiddly but got it in the end & although there is no way that my work could be sold in a store I reckon I did a pretty decent job.

Most probably wouldn't be as wrapped in the finished piece as I am but I'm over the moon with it & am now going to work on a girly themed one for my own daughter's bedroom.


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