Friday, October 1, 2010

Coffee with my Sweet

Today Sahara & I had a "Mummy Daughter Date" at our local The Coffee Club. In all of Australia our little coffee shop is in the top 3 The Coffee Club franchises in the country, not bad hey. To show our support Sahara & I helped out by buying a couple of muffins, to be the top store they need to sell as many muffin as possible today. We grabbed one to take home for daddy too.

Doesn't see look so cute in her pretty strawberry dress????

Sahara's babycino, guess where the marshmallow was 2 seconds after this shot???

Our delicious Orange & Poppyseed muffin, we were good girls & didn't use the butter.

Guess who was playing with her camera setting???


1 felt the love:

Isabeau said...

Oh what a gorgeous girl in that beautiful dress!
Love the mouthful of marshmallow shot hehe

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