Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Shower Sneak Peak

So as you know I've been madly preparing for my sister's baby shower well yesterday was the big day. Although it was a mad rush at the end & many things were missed due to lack of time & unavailability of some finer details but all guests were highly impressed. I received many compliments on my candy buffet & in particular my tissue paper pom poms. Gracefully a work colleague of my sister's who is aspiring photographer took loads of photos but until they are ready I'll just show you a sneak peak of what I took myself (all up I only had time to snap 5 photos after everyone had left hahaha).


2 felt the love:

Mrs A in the Cove said...

Hope it was a wonderful day - can't wait to see more pictures - the cake looks so lovely!! Leanne x

Amber - MakeBabyStuff said...

Oh adorable! I love that wee bunting on the cake!

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