Monday, June 14, 2010

A Breath Of Fresh Air

My mind is constantly on overdrive and due to this some major changes are coming to Sweet Cheek Crafts.

Firstly I will no longer be selling custom items such as wooden letters, trinket boxes. There are a few reasons behind this with the main one being that Facebook is being flooded with these items & in order to support my other WAHPs I’d rather bow out so there is one less bidding for the business. If you are interested in these items I would highly recommend you enquire at her work is totally amazing!

I will continue to stock boutique wipes cases, hair clip holders & soon crayon rolls. These items will be pre-made & listed on my Facebook page. Other new items will be sold in the future but are still only in the trial stages at this point.

Apart from my little family being my main priority I want to put my efforts into building Sweet Cheek Parties. This business will be all about designer party décor or stationery as I’ve heard it called also. I am currently in collaboration with Berry Digital Designs to complete 5 road test parties with various themes. I should have my new Facebook page updated with photos & prices by the end of July after our first 3 parties have been held. Her e is a little sneak peek of the sort of items I will be offering (my daughter’s 1st birthday party held in March)

I have long dreamed of making my love of party planning into a business & offering my party décor range is just the start. I hope to move into full blown party planning but that will be further down the track.

My other passion that will be receiving my attention is this blog! I would love nothing more than to have a fantastically successful craft blog with hundreds, no thousands of followers. My blog will have tutorials, recipes, tips, giveaways, swaps & just about anything & everything crafty that I think to put out there in the wide world web.

So buckle up & enjoy the ride because if you stick around I’m sure you’ll enjoy coming on this adventure with me!


2 felt the love:

Living Altogether said...

Oh wow these parties look unreal hun. Can't wait to see it all.

Berry Digital Designs said...

I wish you every success with Sweet Cheek Parties and look forward to our continued partnership!

Sounds like you've got lots planned for this blog as well. I will definitely be one of your thousands of followers :)


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