Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sewing & Craft Room to Inspire

Alright so I've slacked of badly where this blog is concerned but I've been really busy getting out lots of orders so I hope I can be forgive.

Tonight I thought I would share with you some photos of sewing & craft rooms that I'm using as my inspiration. We move in just under a month & the new house has a much bigger room for me to be crafty in. I can see it now French Shabby Chic all the way!

I love the cotton reel holder in this one!

My favourite by far!

Look at all that ribbon, I've been saving up my large coffee jars just for this purpose


This rooms a little plain for my liking but I do really dig all the organisation though

I love how cheeky this wall decal is. I will definitely be getting some decals for my new room

I'm a scrapbooker so this room I am utterly in love with, the follow photos are all of this room!

I love the bird cage!

I hope these photos inspire all of you as much as they inspire me.


5 felt the love:

Bec said...

Oh the things you could create in these rooms!!

JitterBubs said...

Oh wow some inspiring ideas there, pretty envious of their organisational skills, something I am so clearly lacking :)

Marlena said...

Great rooms. Definitely inspiring!!

Carmen Franz said...

Wow, I'll have to sell lots of quilts before I get one of those. I'm just on a table at the end of the loungeroom!! LOL

spinnychic said...

OMG!!! My room is an absolute shambles compared to these!!!! But I know where everything is....
My Motto is "I'm not untidy just in a creative Frenzy!!!' hahaha!!!

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