Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Pollo! Phew I finally found myself.

Have you ever had days, weeks, months where you just feel like your coasting through without really accomplishing even the smallest of tasks? If you said yes (I hope there is at least one of you saying “Yes” otherwise I’m just a lazy cow) then you’ll know just how I’ve felt this last few days. First I’ll fill you on my past couple of weeks as a fair bit has been happening here in the big wide Webb world.

As many of you know we headed off down to the Gold Coast the weekend before last to pick up our new car, this is THE GREEN HORNET (TGH)……

She's a brilliant little car & to make things even sweeter we picked up for a steal as well YAY!!!!!!

Our 3 & ½ whirlwind trip was rush, rush, rush with lots of visiting to be done. Hopefully next time we visit we’ll be able to say for longer & take our time to catch up with friends & family.

Isn’t she adorable, I just had to sneak this one in. Taken at my mum’s place during our trip.

On Monday we made the long, exhausting drive home but thankfully TGH didn’t miss a beat & it was an uneventful trip back. Then only after one day back my hubby picks up a tummy bug & decides to share the love so he & I are totally floored for 2 days. I haven’t felt that ill since getting the flu when S was only 7 weeks old. Thank goodness S didn’t seem to get it & she continued to run (well crawl actually) circles around us.

As ill as my hubby felt he still managed to drive around Rocky & pick up this beauty…..

My beautiful & very generous mum had given him some $$ & told him to buy me very first sewing machine!!! How lucky am I????? It did suck having absolutely no energy which meant this little baby sat in its box for days. It’s now set up & ready to go but alas I can’t find my mojo :(

Does anyone else suffer from procrastination when they are surrounded by clutter?????? I hate clutter! I feel as though it totally blocks my creativity. Since being away & getting sick our little beach house is so untidy, clean but untidy. My personal goal this week is to declutter & get all this ideas out of my head & onto the drawing board. Stay tuned as things are a brewing in the SSC world!

Ok ok I’ve rattled on long enough, so I’ll leave you with a beautiful pic of some of my GC friends & I!

Stay Safe & Live Happy!

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Bec said...

Oh your girl is too cute, I can't get enough of her!! Love the pic of you and your ladies too!!

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