Saturday, May 1, 2010

I finally did it!!!

Well after over a year of procrastination I've finally done it, I've started my very own handmade crafts home based business YAY FOR ME!!!!!

As all my friends on my personal FB page know I've been going on & on about how I should sell my craft items but that I never get my lazy butt into gear. Well I vow to be lazy no more!!!!!!!!

Here are a just a couple of items you can check out on my FB page at

Thanks for reading & I hope you decide to follow my blog which won't just be about my products but about random things I find interesting & funny :)

Enjoy Life & Live Happy!

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Bec said...

OOoohhhh That babushka doll print is gorgeous!!!! Your wipe cases are such a great idea. Much prettier than carrying around a ugly cream plastic thing.

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