Saturday, May 15, 2010

So the Sweet Cheek Crafts Facebook page made it well & truly over 400 “likers” & I promised I’d do a blog giveaway to those who had become a “follower” of my blog so que the drumroll please…………….



(excuse the massive egg on my daugther's head, she stacked it today while playing)

And the winner is……………………


And coming your way is a personalised monogram letter!

Please email me at with which letter & theme you’d like.

Thanks everyone for joining my blog & I really truly hope you all decide to stick around.

3 felt the love:

Mel said...

aww thats adorable!
Congrats Sausage Mama!

Sausage Mama said...

NO WAY! OMIGAD I'm so excited I have been totally drooling over your letters! Can I please have a Q please :0D

I'm loving the new blog, the layout is really pretty and professional and your photos look awesome. What sort of camera are you using? Look forward to reading more about your exciting new business :0) Thanks again!

Sweet Cheek Crafts said...

Mel it was so cute doing it, she picked out half a dozen at once then before she'd hand one to me she had to put the rest back one by one.

lol SM, so glad you're so happy about winning. It truly must be fate as I only just picked up a Q the other day.
Thanks, I'm having heaps of fun playing around with the blog & I've got heaps of ideas on things to do with it too. I've been using my hubby's Nixon SLR lately but I also use my little Canon IXUS quite often too.

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